Local Blogger Book Review Remembers American Opposition To World War I

A great read from one of our blog favorites and a quick flash back . . .

American politics was far more radical more than 100 years ago . . . In fact, Americans had to be dragged kicking & screaming into WWI and socialists, bolsheviks and, of course, immigrants were targeted in order to manufacture consent. 

Most people still don't understand why so many people died to fight the Kaiser and/or because some Archduke was capped.

Accordingly . . . We appreciate this thoughtful book review that came up in our feed . . .

"One comforting thing about being a student of American history is knowing just how much this country has endured and survived gives me hope we’ll get through whatever crisis we’re in at the moment . . . In 1917 Woodrow Wilson dragged us into World War I. As Hochschild points out, Wilson claimed he wanted to make the world safe for democracy. Unfortunately, the cost of making the world safe for democracy involved curtailing democracy significantly at home."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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