KCUR Dedicates EPIC Coverage To Suspected Dirty Cop

Under investigation by the Feds . . . This story about "the legacy" of police corruption has consumed a local public radio outlet.

Here's their latest installment that takes up about half of their front page  . . .

"Once interested in becoming a Catholic priest, Roger Golubski spent 35 years in the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department, which had a reputation for racism and corruption. The secret to Golubski's career was his use of "confidential informants," whom he cited to secure countless convictions - including at least one person who was innocent."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Who is Roger Golubski? Exposing a 'chameleon' who built a career on abusing Black women

Roger Golubski was 67 when he sat in front of a video camera in an office on the 22nd floor of a Kansas City law firm. He wore a light blue shirt and tie, his gray hair slicked back, his walrus mustache and goatee white. His hulking form filled the screen, and it was hard to see his eyes behind the smoky lenses of his rectangular glasses..