KCPD Announces DUI Patrols For Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

A reminder that good times can turn even more complicated than political debates inspired by talk show pundits.

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KCPD Encourages Safe & Sober Travel during the Thanksgiving Day Holiday

The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department is encouraging motorists to do their part in driving down traffic fatalities by driving safely, soberly and buckling up through the Thanksgiving four-day holiday. According to AAA, over 54 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the 2022 holiday with nearly 49 million expected to do so by car.  

“We know the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the most heavily traveled period of the year both nationally and locally.  Although our traffic fatalities have been trending slightly lower than last year’s totals, the most prevalent contributing factors to those we have had continue to be speed, impairment, and lack of seat belt use,” said Major David Jackson of the KCPD’s Traffic Division.  

Added Sergeant Grant Ruark, “Even if you’re planning to stay close to home for the holiday, the importance of slowing down, driving sober, and buckling up is just as important as it is during long road trips.  

Traffic enforcement  officers, to include those from our DUI Section, will be on patrol throughout the weekend looking for speeding and impaired motorists and those not wearing seat belts.”

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, over the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday counting period, 12 people were killed and 540 injured in 1,365 traffic crashes. Someone was injured or killed every 11 minutes over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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