KCK Mayor Garner Pushes Back Against 'Systemic Racism' Activsit Narrative

This story deserves a close read and might offer some encouragement for our conservative friends . . . 

It seems that a former lawman take a pause before accepting a rhetorical tactic that misrepresents helplessness as a virtue.

Here's the word . . .

When reporters waved down Garner on the sidewalk, he defended the department, saying there are good officers on the force. But when asked about claims that the city and county had not done enough to investigate the many complaints from victims and others, Garner bristled.

The three men at the top of Wyandotte County — himself, District Attorney Mark Dupree and Police Chief Karl Oakman — are all working on reforms, he said.

“And I think anybody that thinks otherwise, I just think that they're misguided in that notion that you would have three Black males that would sit on their hands in regards to allegations that allegedly affected the African American community,” Garner said.

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