Kansas City Weed Tax Coming Soon

Stoner celebration should be muted given that the government wants a cut on the action. 

On the bright side . . . This should help street dealers keep costs down for their scumbag customers.

Here's a peek . . .

The extra three-percent on top of Missouri's six-percent sales tax on recreational marijuana would put money back into neighborhoods though the city's neighborhood services division.

That means more money for code enforcement officers and public works crews.

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Kansas City voters will decide on additional marijuana sales tax

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, voters will decide how newly legal recreational marijuana will be taxed in the city. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has high hopes for his proposed tax on recreational marijuana in Missouri.

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Questions remain over how legal weed will be sold in Missouri

Missourians approved Amendment 3 on Tuesday, making recreational marijuana legal but a lot needs to happen before sales can start. KMBC 9 stopped by a Kansas City dispensary to find out what's next and why some people say parts of the amendment are unfair.Election night had huge implications for Bianca Sullivan.

Missouri marijuana dispensaries hoping for business boost following legalization

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missourians who operate medical marijuana dispensaries are hoping business will boom now that voters approved recreational pot. Amendment 3 goes into effect December 8, but people aren't expected to be able to buy products until at least February. It appears that the future of cannabis is very green in Missouri.

Missouri's legal weed will bring challenges for law enforcement in Kansas

With the passage of Amendment 3 in Missouri, recreational marijuana becomes a constitutional right for adults 21 and older. Many police expect Kansans will travel to Missouri to get high, which will bring challenges for law enforcement.It's very similar to sports gambling. You can legally bet on sports in Kansas but not in Missouri.

After Missouri approves recreational marijuana, Kansas officials remind public it's still illegal in state

OLATHE, Kan. - As Missouri prepares for legalized recreational marijuana, officials in neighboring Kansas are reminding people cannabis is still illegal in the state. "It's real spotty nationally," said defense attorney Paul Morrison. "Some places treat it like a traffic violation, basically been decriminalized.

Kansas City, Missouri, marijuana tax to be on ballot in April

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Now that weed is fully legal in Missouri, expect cities to start trying to cash in. In Kansas City, the city council took its first step on Thursday. The council approved and ordinance to place a question on the April 4 municipal general election ballot seeking voter approval of a 3% municipal tax on adult-use marijuana sales.

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