Kansas City Thanksgiving 2022 Sneak Peek: Hot Mess Awaits

For our dearest readers we share a late night warning for the holidays . . .


These are real world practical concerns that don't even account for election aftermath drama, a new round of the plague and the threat from a legion of Gen-X women getting divorced and coming back to this cowtown to fulfill a vendetta of old school lust powered by an additional 50-75 pounds. 

It ain't gonna be pretty.

Check the MSM preview . . . .

"One in five Americans doubt that they'll have enough money to cover the costs of the usual Thanksgiving meal this year, according to the study by Personal Capital."

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Pizza for Thanksgiving? It might be a dinner option due to inflation

The higher cost of living right now is making many Americans question whether they'll be able to afford the traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year. The demographic that is feeling the most financially pinched, according to a new survey, is Gen Z - "who are opting for meals of soup, salad and pizza" this year, as an "Outnumbered" panel noted on Thursday.

My Brother's Girlfriend Is Trying to Hijack My Adults-Only Thanksgiving

Care and Feeding is Slate's parenting advice column. Have a question for Care and Feeding? Dear Care and Feeding, Submit it here or post it in the Dear AO, Slate Parenting Facebook group . Dear Care and Feeding, I am hosting an adults-only Thanksgiving this year.

Thanksgiving Dinner Is So Expensive This Year That It'll Be Cheaper to Dine Out

The cost of the typical Thanksgiving dinner spread has grown so much this year, it might be worth it to dine out, according to a new analysis from Wells Fargo It's not just inflation driving the costs of staples such as eggs and butter higher.

As inflation bites, grocery chains cut price of Thanksgiving food

MoneyWatch Grocery shopping can produce a feeling of sticker shock these days, with inflation remaining near a 40-year-high. But some of the nation's largest retailers are moving to lessen the blow by offering big discounts on turkey and the traditional trimmings ahead of Thanksgiving.

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