Kansas City Star Desperately Advocates For Woman Who Shot & Killed Firefighter

Not sure what the newspaper is trying to do here . . . Maybe actively chase away subscribers and alienate municipal support.

Worst of all . . .

Nothing the Star is complaining about it REALLY related to the deadly shooting except for the arrest . . . Which is actually a very low price to pay for pulling the trigger under sketchy circumstances.

To be fair, here's their argument . . .

"Because of her arrest, the woman lost her job a day after the shooting, she told us during a recent visit at a south Kansas City church. After the incident, Independence police towed the woman’s vehicle, which remains impounded at a private tow lot in Independence where, because of issues with the title, she has been unable to retrieve it. To make matters worse, the young woman is in danger of falling behind on rent, too, she said. How is that remotely fair? It isn’t."

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Woman who shot off-duty KC firefighter did nothing wrong, but she's paying a high price

OPINION AND COMMENTARY What are the collateral consequences of a highly-publicized shooting? For the young woman cleared of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of off-duty Kansas City firefighter Anthony Santi, the ramifications have been severe. And the tough luck the young lady has faced in the weeks since the fatal shooting is unfortunate.