Kansas City Ranks As Emerging Tourist Destination According To Freelance Hack

Forgive us if we don't take "the Daily Beast" seriously given that they're not even as entertaining as the National Enquirer. 

Moreover . . .

Longstanding denizens of thee discourse have always been pretty effective at smelling the work of Visit KC.

Nevertheless . . . Here's the money line that might or might not keep this town's reputation ahead of more miserable places like Cleveland . . .

"You likely didn’t think of Kansas City as an excellent destination for aspirational house hunting (compared to the coasts, many of these mansions are “affordable”), but the streets in the wealthy enclaves of this city are an elegant reminder of the good reasons Americans love suburbs–they’re just incredibly nice."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

America's Next Hot Destination Is This Midwestern City

Where do I begin to convince you of this city's wonders? Shall I take you inside the Nelson-Atkins, inarguably one of the best art museums in the country? Or should we start with the food? Or the magnificent homes, or the friendly people?