Kansas City Politricks: Jackson County Debate B4 It's Too Late & Then Some

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Courthouse Election Conversation Debuts Ahead Of Voting Deadline

Jackson County Executive candidates: Frank White and Theresa Galvin

One week away from the election, Jackson County Executive candidates Frank White Jr. and Theresa Galvin joined Steve Kraske on KCUR's Up To Date. During the conversation, they discussed the new county jail under construction, next year's round of property assessments, how a downtown Royals ballpark would impact the county and other topics.

Show-Me Post-Advert Crackdown

State says feds initiated investigation of Missouri hospital that denied emergency abortion * Missouri Independent

The federal government, not state political leaders, initiated an investigation of the care Freeman Health Services in Joplin provided after a denying a woman an emergency abortion, a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services spokeswoman said Monday. On Aug.

Big Bucks Favor Incumbent

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly doubles fundraising by Derek Schmidt in latest finance reports - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Gov. Laura Kelly's campaign touted more than $3.1 million in fundraising in the final months before the November election, saying most of these contributions came from individuals. The Democratic incumbent nearly doubled the money raised by her Republican rival, Derek Schmidt, who reported $1.7 million in contributions.

Rock Chalk Political Attacks Cont'd

No matter election results, threats to LGBTQ students in Kansas will continue in new session - Kansas Reflector

Kansas Reflector welcomes opinion pieces from writers who share our goal of widening the conversation about how public policies affect the day-to-day lives of people throughout our state. Brenan Riffel is a graduate student studying higher education administration at the University of Kansas, where she serves as both an academic adviser and assistant complex director.

No Good Tech News In The Dotte

Six months after the massive cyber attack on Wyandotte County, taxpayers know little about it - including the cost

Six months after a devastating ransomware attack on Wyandotte County computers was belatedly acknowledged, the public still knows precious little about it. Yet, one source says taxpayers will have to foot the bill for millions in repairs.

Meet The New Underboss

Governor's adviser the frontrunner for Missouri AG job if Eric Schmitt wins Senate seat * Missouri Independent

If Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt prevails in next week's race for U.S. Senate, Gov. Mike Parson is considering tapping one of his top advisers to replace him. Numerous sources both inside and outside the governor's office who spoke with The Independent say Parson is leaning towards appointing Andrew Bailey as the state's next attorney general if Schmitt is victorious on Nov.

Former KCK Mayor Wastes My Time & Yours With Democracy

Kansas Democratic candidate Mark Holland on facing Goliath

Photo by Jesse Kielman For decades, there have been few political certainties as rock solid as what exists in Kansas. In presidential elections since 1980, Republicans have won by over 20 points in every election not featuring Ross Perot. The Republican party has controlled the state senate since 1917, including a continuous supermajority since 1996.

Check Long Shot Slap Fight

Democrat Schmidt asserts GOP Rep. LaTurner wrong on abortion rights, election fraud - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Democratic Patrick Schmidt appealed for voters' attention in the 2nd District congressional race by objecting to U.S. Rep. Jake LaTurner's opposition to abortion, birth control and refusal to support certification of the 2020 election results.

Heiress Visits With Careers She Helped To Destroy . . . 

Trudy Busch Valentine teams up with downballot Democrats in an attempt to bolster party's power statewide

AIn her long-shot bid to become Missouri’s next U.S. senator, Trudy Busch Valentine is leaning on other Democratic candidates around the state to connect with voters and generate enthusiasm.

Progressives Down To The Wire

The race for Kansas governor is tight. Here's where Kelly and Schmidt stand on the issues

Kansas - a deeply Republican state that became the darling of national liberals by rejecting a potential abortion ban in August - heads into the Nov. 8 election for governor with a fairly stark choice. Democratic Gov.

Smarty Pants Pundit Seyz Ur Stoopid!!!

Opinion: Ignorance is a luxury we can no longer afford

We had the luxury for decades of laughing at the people on the street interviewed by late night comedians who couldn't answer questions like, "Who was the queen of England?" or, "In what country would you find the Panama Canal?" or "how many moons does the earth have?"

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.