Kansas City Politricks: GOTV Journalism We're Openly Mocking

Right now we gather a few of the more interesting local political tidbits as we slouch toward the voting deadline. 

For close readers . . . There are actually a couple of worthwhile news items in this collection . . .

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Newspaper Neglects To Report Impending Tax Spike

Affordable housing is on the ballot in Kansas City. What to know about the bond question

In the Nov. 8 election, Kansas City voters will decide on a bond initiative that would put $50 million towards affordable housing initiatives in the city. The affordable housing bond question will be one of two bond initiatives on the ballot.


Eric Schmitt pays $75,000 for ad during Chiefs game to close out Missouri Senate race * Missouri Independent

On Sunday evening, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans in a game essential to both teams' hopes to enter the NFL playoffs with the best record in their conference. With Election Day approaching on Tuesday, Republican U.S.

Snail Mail Debated

Kansas GOP strategist sends deceptive mailer on judicial retention votes - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - GOP political strategist Kris Van Meteren sent a deceptive mailer that could sow confusion about whether abortion rights supporters should vote "yes" or "no" to retain Kansas Supreme Court justices.

Latest Life Lesson

Lansing school board member: CRT is taught in Kansas - The Sentinel

Education officials insist that the tenets of critical race theory are not being taught in Kansas and other states, but a new survey of young adults indicates otherwise. A Lansing, Kansas school board member confirms the theory is being taught in her district and calls for greater parental involvement to guide what students are learning.

Lucky That's Still Not Many People

Kansas SOS: More than half of registered voters likely to vote in election

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab predicted Friday that more than half of registered Kansans will turn out to vote as part of next Tuesday's general election. Schwab predicts that roughly 53% of registered voters will cast a ballot in this year's mid-term elections.

Rock Chalk Culture War Destination

After Roe, more women head to Kansas clinics and more Kansans get abortion pills from overseas

WICHITA, Kansas - In August alone, hundreds more women sought abortions in Kansas than before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and many nearby states banned the procedure. That represents one of the most significant increases in abortion numbers in the country, reflecting the deep-red state's unlikely role as an abortion refuge in a region now increasingly devoid of other options.

Overestimating First Son

Billy Long: Trump might have won if Hunter Biden laptop story hadn't been suppressed

(From Seventh District Congressman Billy Long) I have railed against today's topic in this space before. What topic? The topic of our government attempting to censor free speech by pressuring social media companies to do their dirty work for them. This time it's different.

Golden Ghetto Countdown

Kansas 3rd District one of the most competitive races in US: Congressman

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Kansas 3rd District Republican candidate Amanda Adkins brought Republican Congressman Drew Ferguson to the district Thursday. "It's not unsimilar to my district in Georgia," Ferguson said of his district outside of Atlanta. Ferguson said the 3rd District Congressional race is one of the most competitive races in the entire country.

All Things Considered

Know before you go: Voter Guide for the Nov. 8 Election in Kansas and Missouri

Residents on both sides of the state line will head to the polls on or before Nov. 8 to vote on a number of issues, from municipal races to major office seats and even an initiative that, if approved, could legalize marijuana in Missouri.

Weed Makes Voting More Fun

Not all shops will be riding high if Missouri legalizes recreational cannabis, but even imperfect expansion 'far worth the effort,' advocates say

Legalizing recreational marijuana would have potent outcomes across the state if Missouri voters approve a constitutional amendment Nov. 8, but some cannabis advocates and small business owners say not all strains of success will be equal.

Local Democracy Lawyers Up

Free non-partisan attorney hotline helps voters with issues casting their ballots

Voters on both sides of the Kansas and Missouri state line could experience issues casting their ballot Tuesday.Between new voter ID laws and redistricting, one group is stepping up to help.There's a free team of attorneys ready to make sure your vote counts.Attorney Brittany Barrientos showed KMBC 9 the 866-OUR-VOTE regional command center.

Climate Change Conversation

Up to 1 million birds count on Kansas wetlands during migration. Drought has left them high and dry

HAYS, Kansas - Pull off Kansas 156 in Barton County during a wet year, and it might feel like you took a wrong turn into Florida. This part of central Kansas is home to the largest interior wetlands in the country: Cheyenne Bottoms. It can hold nearly 10 billion gallons of water.

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