Kansas City Politricks: Ferris Wheels, Toxic Blooms & Teachable Moments

We have a newfound respect for local political hacks at pay-for-play donation blogs . . . Day after day they have to convince themselves of their agenda . . . In much the same way that the nation had to pretend that Hamilton was worth watching. 

Here's a few recent favorite TKC links . . .

Saturday Kansas City Developer Cartoons

Pennway Point Proposal Would Add Ferris Wheel to Downtown

(Editor's note: This article originally was published March 16, 2022. This week, the developer filed a $3.9 million building permit with the city for "Ferris Wheel site with associated amenities." By Kevin Collison An entertainment district at the south end of the Broadway viaduct that would include a 170-foot Ferris wheel, neon sign museum and...

Newsflash: Money Rules World

Corporate executives offer rosier business forecasts if politically aligned with a U.S. president - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Corporate executives with political beliefs aligned with the person serving as president of the United States tend to express that partisan affinity with more optimistic business forecasts and disclosures, university researchers say.

Skyfall Claim: Sunflower State Water Turns To Poison

Learning to live with toxic algal blooms in Kansas

A deadly bacteria could be awaiting Kansas livestock, pets and wildlife in the ponds where they drink. Scientists say it's one of the deadliest organisms in the world. "The cyanotoxins that cyanobacteria produce can be more potent to humans or animals than cobra venom," says Steve Ensley, K-State clinical veterinary toxicologist.

Show-Me Demographics & Destiny

In Missouri, racial composition of juries is a matter of life or death penalty

Kevin Johnson is scheduled to be executed by the state of Missouri on Nov. 29. A jury of six white and six Black members deadlocked on whether he was guilty of first-degree murder or a lesser charge. When he went back for a second trial, he ended up with just three Black jurors - and a guilty verdict of first-degree murder.

Life Lessons Belong At Home?!?

Kansas parents explain the homeschooling surge - The Sentinel

K-12 schools in Kansas have lost more than 10,000 students since the beginning of the pandemic, and homeschooling registrations have more than tripled during that period. Parents, concerned with issues such as safety, curriculum , regulations, and declining student achievement, are pulling their children out of public schools and taking on the responsibility and challenge of educating them.

Developing . . .