Kansas City Payout Hot Mess Worsens After Deadly Westport Crash

Arbitration seyz the damage is about 32 million bucks . . . But the law only allows a fraction of that. 

Don't worry . . . 

We're certain that taxpayers will make up the difference for one of many tragedies perpetrated in this town's oldest entertainment district.

Here's part of the story . . .

"On Thursday, city council members approved a resolution seeking to resolve four civil lawsuits at a price tag of $1.84 million. The amount in the ordinance is the same amount of the state's sovereign immunity limit of $459,893 after it is multiplied by four.Sovereign immunity limits are, generally speaking, a cap on amounts government entities pay in liability cases."

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Westport victims, KCFD driver, fire union sue KCMO in new lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new lawsuit has been filed against the city of Kansas City, Missouri in connection with last December's deadly crash involving a KCFD pumper truck in Westport. It comes one day after city council members approved $1.84 million in an attempt to resolve four civil lawsuits.

Kansas City Council move highlights sovereign immunity limits

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A move by the Kansas City City Council Thursday night is giving us new insight into how the city could be trying to settle lawsuits from the fatal fire truck crash on December 15, 2021. The Council authorized the City Attorney to use $1,839,572 to fund resolutions for four lawsuits stemming from the crash.

New lawsuit argues city should be held responsible for fatal crash involving KCFD truck

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) --- A new lawsuit arguing Kansas City should be held financially responsible for a fatal crash involving a Kansas City Fire Department truck was filed in Jackson County on Friday. Recently, an arbitrator awarded $32.4 million to the families and business harmed in that crash.

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