Kansas City Parade Park Housing Co-Op Seized By HUD

Over the years, the have regularly been forced to step-in to Kansas City housing troubles. 

Here's one more example . . .

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sent a letter to residents on Monday saying that it needed to take over to “ensure resident safety and stabilize the property.”

HUD doesn’t own the property. Rather, it’s a housing co-op where residents are part owners of a nonprofit corporation that owns the property. It's run by a self-governing board. A HUD inspection in February found the living conditions so bad that the agency ruled the co-op had violated its regulatory agreement. That put the complex at risk of default and foreclosure.

In an email, a HUD spokesman said the agency’s management had told residents about the takeover and that it was working to remedy “health and safety issues.”

The notice to residents said they needed to certify their leases within 10 business days.

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HUD takes over and installs a Virginia firm to manage Kansas City's troubled Parade Park Homes

After decades of neglect and decay amid turmoil among the management of one of the country's oldest Black-owned housing cooperatives, Parade Park Homes has been taken under federal control.