Kansas City, MO: Don't Worry About Who Pays For Downtown Stadium!!! It's You!!!

Just a quick fact check at as we review today's MSM downtown stadium reporting . . . 


A bit of counter-programing and something to remember in the coming months & years . . . 

"While their developers often tout jobs and local economic development as benefits of major stadium projects, research shows these venues often make little impact on local economies."

Meanwhile . . .

Our local news takes a far more neural tone . . .

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Funding questions remain after Kansas City Royals announce plans for new ballpark

A lot of questions remain for Kansas Citians after Royals' owner John Sherman announced plans for a new ballpark.The project is ambitious and huge in scope. But Sherman said it would be cheaper to build a new stadium over renovating "The K."The price listed for a new ballpark in or near downtown Kansas City is $2 billion.

Royals fans split on financially supporting potential downtown ballpark

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Talk of a new downtown ballpark has fans split on whether to financially support a new location. At Sports Radio 810 WHB, host Jason Anderson heard from many fans on the text line. "The feeling I get is that it's more in favor than against," Anderson said.

Can downtown Kansas City handle traffic for new Royals stadium?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Jackson County Legislature will likely be involved in the Kansas City Royals moving away from the Truman Sports Complex. "This would be directly square in my district likely," Jackson County 1st District Legislator-Elect Manny Abarca told FOX4 Wednesday. The 1st District could be where the Royals build their new stadium downtown.

What would it take to make a downtown ballpark happen?

It'll take a lot of planning to make a new $2 billion Kansas City Royals stadium come together. An expert on urban development talked about what goes into planning a move like this.When you're the Royals and planning on building a brand new baseball stadium, everything matters."You know, monumental architecture is something that's built for generations.

KC Downtown Council: Royals fans will have easy access to new stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Royals ' $2 billion proposal to build a ballpark district in or near downtown has many people wondering where exactly would it go. The Royals haven't announced a specific location yet, but sites under consideration may include 11th and Holmes streets, near J.E.

Former Royals player and life-long fan react to the stadium relocation

OLATHE, Ks. - Reactions from the community are varied following the announcement the Kansas City Royals will leave Kauffman Stadium and start looking for an alternative location. The team's owner, John Sherman, stated it would be a $2 billion stadium and entertainment district downtown.

Sherman's letter on Royals' downtown ballpark: what's clear, what remains unclear - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City Royals Chairman John Sherman confirmed what everyone already knows - his team will pursue a $2 billion downtown stadium and baseball district - but that doesn't mean the letter he released Tuesday filled in all the blanks.

Developing . . .