Kansas City Lost Sly To Tulsa But Film Commish Hopes Tax Credits Will Lure More Movies

We've heard that back story on this turn of events before . . .

However, this time around we realize that local artsy folks are living in fantasy land and their expectations are even more unlikely than a Hollywood happy ending.

Check-it . . .

“When KC Film learned that a show starring Sylvester Stallone was set in Kansas City, we were so excited. We hoped we had a chance to capture some (or all) of the filming for the show. When the show decided to film in Oklahoma and change its name to Tulsa King, we were heartbroken,” Steph Shannon, director of the KC Film Office and vice president of communications for the Missouri Motion Media Association, told MovieMaker.

“We are working on instating state incentives for Missouri and Kansas. My hope and vision in 2023 is that we get incentive bills passed, and then we’ll be at the table to compete for these important projects going forward. I’m friends with the film commissioners in Oklahoma and respect them immensely. So I’m happy that they got a great show. When our bills pass, though, we will compete for the work!”

Tax incentives in Tulsa range from 20 to 38 percent, depending on several factors. Kansas City, meanwhile, offers a citywide incentive — a 10 percent rebate — to help make up for the lack of a state incentive.

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