Kansas City Late Night: Before We Start Arguing With Friends & Family

For our most loyal & KICK-ASS TKC READERS . . . We share a few newsworthy items ahead of tense discussion that require more skillful politicking than much of what we see from our elected leaders.

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Thanksgiving travel predicted to return to near pre-pandemic levels

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - AAA is expecting both air and highway travel to return to near pre-pandemic levels this Thanksgiving. The expected 49 million Americans traveling by car would mark 98% of pre-pandemic numbers. An extra 4.5 million people flying equals 99% of those who flew for Thanksgiving in 2019.

Family Matters: How To Avoid Talking Politics Over Thanksgiving Dinner, In 5 Steps

One in five voters says political disagreements have hurt their relationships with friends or family, according to a new poll from The New York Times and Sienna College. And in a world where work/life balance is now just life, understanding how to communicate around sensitive political issues can provide vital guidance on how to address touchy subjects at work.

Thanksgiving conversation starters for clean-energy nerds

Get your family chattering about protests that could spur clean-energy progress (ones that don't involve throwing food at famous artworks). Thanksgiving is upon us and food is in the air - in some cases being chucked at priceless works of art.

How to talk about politics with family this Thanksgiving

A new Quinnipiac poll found that 65 percent of Americans hope they can avoid talking about politics with family and friends this Thanksgiving. Inflation, recent mass shootings, climate change, and the results of the midterm elections will most likely be on people's minds this holiday.

The nation's hope for a Thanksgiving reprieve is shattered by another tragic spate of gun violence | CNN Politics

As the nation's psyche was shattered by yet another mass shooting in Chesapeake, Virginia, the moments of terror recounted by Walmart employee Jessie Wilczewski -- who survived a Tuesday night attack that killed at least six people -- reflected the position of hopelessness where America once again finds itself when it comes to gun violence.

Therapists offer ways to survive family tension during the holidays

As people gather with family under one roof this holiday, things can quickly shift from the best of times to the worst of times. You've seen the comedies. The family gathering goes from great to horrible. But just a few small changes on your part can make all the difference."Thanksgiving Day, football game with the neighbors in Illinois.

Republicans rip Biden's talking points for 'chatting with your Uncle at Thanksgiving': Sounds 'miserable'

Republicans are ripping a list touting President Biden's "accomplishments" that the White House said could be used as talking points "for when chatting with your Uncle at Thanksgiving." "Using White House talking points to try and gaslight your own family as to the realities of this administration seems like a miserable way to spend Thanksgiving," Rep.

Marching Mizzou to represent Missouri in New York, lead Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Marching Mizzou, the marching band at the University of Missouri, is representing the university in the Big Apple. The band is participating in the 96th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday. Marching Mizzou, which is made up of 350 members, is one of 12 bands participating in this year's parade, a release from MU said.

Things to do in Kansas City on Thanksgiving weekend Nov. 24-27

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thanksgiving weekend brings plenty of time to spend with family, and Kansas City has plenty of opportunities to find something fun to do. From tree lighting ceremonies to holiday displays, sporting events to downtown concerts, there's always something going on in the metro.

Belton firefighters send out their explosive cooking fire warning ahead of Thanksgiving

Belton firefighters are sending out a warning ahead of Thanksgiving. Cooking fires skyrocket this time of year, specifically when it comes to frying a turkey.On Wednesday, one turkey was doomed for a non-edible fate at a yearly safety demonstration from the Belton Fire Department.A still-frozen bird is annually put into a fryer that's too full and hot."Oil and fire are bad when they come together.

Two south KC friends make it possible for military families to enjoy a "Grandma-style" thanksgiving dinner

Some military families will get a Grandma's style Thanksgiving dinner thanks to a couple of area men. It started when Mike Lane, who operates the non-profit Auto Donation Center in Grandview, saw a TV news story about Army families struggling this year to afford the traditional holiday meal because of inflation.

Gratitude is healthiest thing at Thanksgiving table. Here's how to have it all year

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Editorials and other Opinion content offer perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent from the work of our newsroom reporters. If your family is like mine, Thanksgiving might be a time of forced gratitude.

Performers putting final touches on Evergy Plaza Lighting ceremony ahead of Thanksgiving

The Evergy Plaza Lighting Ceremony performers are finalizing their acts. Performers met at Quixotic on Tuesday for one of their final rehearsals ahead of the show on Thursday night after months of preparation."We just want to make people feel warm and loved and just ready for the holidays," Envee, the resident emcee for Quixotic, said.

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