Kansas City, Kansas Veteran Stomped To Death At Gateway Of Wyandotte County Courthouse

A beloved denizen of Kansas City, Kansas was brutally murdered and we think his tragic passing deserves special attention today.

Background that's apropos for Veteran's Day . . .

Mr. Davis graduated from Argentine High School and went on to join the United States Army.  He served as an E6 Staff Sergeant for 18 years.  He was a decorated soldier who earned a Vietnam Service Medal, three Bronze Service  Stars and an expert Badge in Rifling M-16 Intelligence. He also completed NCO Leadership School.

We posted the obit first because the victim's life should be celebrated despite his tragic passing.

However . . . There are serious questions about how "a brutal assault and killing could’ve happened just feet away from multiple armed security officers."

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Stomping death of senior citizen occurred inside main entrance of Wyandotte County Courthouse, released criminal affidavit says

The savage stomping death of a senior citizen at the Wyandotte County, Kansas courthouse Oct. 5 occurred inside the busy main security checkpoint itself. The criminal affidavit describing the trampling of 71-year-old Lonnie E. Davis of Kansas City, Kansas, was unsealed this week by a judge at the request of The Heartlander.