Kansas City, Kansas Police Conduct Massive Review Of Suspected Dirty Cop's Cases

Today's aftermath report and well-deserved skepticism . . .

"Kansas City, Kansas, Police Chief Karl Oakman insisted Monday that his department can handle a review of more than 150 cases handled by former detective Roger Golubski. Critics say the department's involvement won't lead to an independent review."

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KCKPD Chief defends internal review of Golubski's cases: 'Who better to clean their own house?'

Kansas City, Kansas, Police Chief Karl Oakman brushed aside concerns that his department can't be trusted to conduct an impartial review of cases investigated by a former detective who faces federal felony charges.

Hope to hesitation: Alleged Roger Golubski victims want more from investigation

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - As the sun beamed down on Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department headquarters Monday afternoon, alleged victims of former Det. Roger Golubski and their families gathered outside ahead of a joint press conference with KCKPD and other officials. Star Cooper believes Golubski killed her mother almost 40 years ago.

KCK officials detail plans to further investigate Ex-KCK detective Roger Golubski

Alright, so good, good afternoon. Um we're here today to talk about *** couple initiatives regarding um Roger um Belluschi Farmer Kck police officer with me. I have Wyandotte County district Attorney, um Dupri as well as Mayor Tyrone Gardner of the unified Government and once once I go through my prepared remarks um I will allow them to make their statements and then we'll take questions.

KCK Police Department to review over 150 cases Golubski investigated

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department will review more than 150 cases investigated by a former detective now facing federal charges. It's one of two key initiatives the department outlined Monday after a new indictment against former detective Roger Golubski. The second is an internal review of Golubski's tenure.

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