Kansas City GO Bond Tax Increases Likely Amid Absence Of Organized Opposition

Later today  . . .

Mayor Q and members of council will celebrate a triumphant victory for tax increases and the status quo. The media will dutifully report their claims of genius and a voter mandate without noting a simple fact of life . . . There wasn't any organized opposition against these ballot efforts.

For nearly a decade . . . Kansas City tax fighters have talked a great game online and done their best to troll elected officials via social media but DON'T HAVE MUCH ELECTION INFLUENCE

That hasn't always been the case. 

Not so long ago civic & biz leaders donated cash to oppose higher taxes and questionable schemes from 12th & Oak. 

However . . . 

Over the course of about 5 years there really hasn't been any organized resistance against higher taxes. 

Missouri billionaire Rex Sinquefield is no longer as active in statewide politics and Crosby Kemper III decided that D.C. cocktail parties are more interesting than pushing around po'folk in this cowtown. 

And so  . . .

Tax & spend politics now completely dominates KCMO and the electorate has basically become a punching bag and/or ATM for the civic elite.

Here's a peek at the damage . . .

There are three measures on the ballot in Kansas City, Mo. that will ask voters to approve funding for city plans. Two general obligation bonds would fund city goals in affordable housing and building up the convention center and parks system of Kansas City.

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Get to know the City's three ballot measures

Question No. 1 on the ballot for Kansas City, Mo. would issue $150 million in general obligation bonds that would renovate, improve, and equip convention centers, entertainment and recreation facilities, and parks in Kansas City.