Kansas City Ford Transit Trail Van Glorifies Sketchy Homeless Lifestyle?!?

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CNBC: Want to live in a van down by the river? Ford has a new vehicle for that

The local connection . . .

The new vehicle is being manufactured at Ford's Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo.

Earlier this year, Ford did a $95 million retooling project at the plant, mainly for electric van production, but modifications for Transit Trail production were a small part of that project as well.

And to that we add just a bit of wisdom . . .


Testimony . . .

“If you do try to cut back on finances, you’re just eating junk,” Scott says, adding that #vanlife depictions don’t show the part where you’re living off food purchased from gas stations. She feels they tend to depict happy van lifers relaxing on their lawn chairs enjoying a grilled burger, but says no one talks about how hot it is or how you’re stuck inside the van if it’s raining. Nor do they show how van lifers shower or find bathrooms if they’re not in a converted van, she adds. 

When the weather became too extreme or she didn’t feel safe at night, Scott began staying in Airbnbs. She realized that it would ultimately be too difficult to redo her van so it was livable, so she ended up selling it to buy another van that was easier to convert. 

All the while, Scott was figuring it out alone, without a family support system to fall back on.

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Van life is just 'glorified homelessness,' says a 33-year-old woman who tried it and ended up broke

It was 3 a.m., and Natasha Scott was lying awake as the rain pounded on the roof of her van, listening to the murmurs of animals outside. The barrier between the world and her bedroom was paper thin. Times like these made her feel like "the only person in the world," she tells Fortune.

Ford unveils all-new KC-built 2023 Transit Trail van

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ford's Kansas City, Missouri, Assembly Plant is building a new vehicle - the 2023 Transit Trail. Ford Pro, the commercial arm of Ford, revealed the new van Thursday. It's an "upfit-ready adventure van" with customizable cargo space designed for thrill-seekers and van-life enthusiasts.