Kansas City Fights 'Whiteness Of Ballet' After All Other Problems In The World Solved

Sorry . . . Jumped the gun a bit on that post title. 

It turns out . . .

There are many, many things that are more important than cowtown ballet diversity. 

What could have been a nice story turns bittersweet with tell-all book promo that doesn't seem at all inspiring. 

From our vantage . . . We offer a happy thought . . .

Angel Candice studied ballet and was nearly world-class before deciding that humanity would be better served by her lingerie modeling career. 

Thank heaven.

Now, again, here's a story that doesn't make people smile as much as designer panties . . .

"For years Copeland was told that her skin color, her body and her hair didn't conform to what ballerinas were supposed to look like. Her memoir is The Wind at My Back."

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Kansas City's Misty Copeland on the whiteness of ballet: 'It chips away at you'

At first, Misty Copeland thought the pain she was experiencing was shin splits. It was 2012, and, after 12 years with the American Ballet Theatre, Copeland, one of the few Black dancers in the company, had finally landed her first leading role in a classical work.