Kansas City Developers Dream Of Pricing Out Scumbags From Midtown

So far it hasn't worked.

In fact . . . 

Given that taxpayer subsidized development STILL dominates most of downtown development. 

It's fair to be skeptical of so many schemes that hope for a middle-class revival. 

Look closely at the downtown line and the "renaissance" we've been promised for more than a decade. Traffic from the streetcar couldn't even keep Plowboys open.

Nevertheless . . .

We won't deny anyone their dreams even if a mostly empty french bistro next to a guy masturbating in public makes for a tough sell on six-figure condos . . . Check-it . . .

The development is a revival of a proposal that was rejected in January when the City Council turned down Mac’s request for tax incentives. The incentives were requested to help meet the city’s previous affordable housing requirement.

Instead, Mac is coming back with a revised plan that will seek no incentives, but also will be completely market-rate. No affordable housing units are contemplated under the new proposal.

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Mac Properties Unveils Big New Project Along the KC Streetcar

Mac Properties' plan for a 325-unit, mid-rise apartment project at Main Street and Armour Boulevard is about responding to a growing population in Midtown that will soon benefit from streetcar access. "We're going to get you a great place for a restaurant, some other goods and services, and help build the economic fabric of the community through small business," said Peter Cassel, Mac director for community development.