Kansas City Confronts Another EPIC Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

The charges sound familiar but the money is VERY REAL.

Let's start looking into this story by checking the hefty asking price . . .

"Asking for an immediate promotion to Area Superintendent, 15 years of back payments, an official apology from the department, $1.4 million for physical and emotional anguish, and for the department to create new programs that assist people of color in gaining promotions."

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City employee files $1.8 million discrimination suit against Kansas City

A Kansas City, Missouri, employee is suing the city for $1.8 million, alleging discrimination after he was passed over for multiple promotions. David Sims, a Black employee of the city for 22 years, said the failure of his supervisors to elevate his position despite his experience and education displays racial prejudice, according to documents filed in federal court earlier this month.