Kansas City Chiefs Fans Mercilessly Mock Radiers QB Derek Carr's Tears

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was a bit weepy and very emotional in a recent presser

The reaction from local sports pundits has been anything but kind. 

Take a peek . . .

"I don’t mean to say that men shouldn’t cry, or that the Raiders’ season hasn’t been worthy of tears. I mean to point out the prestigiousness of NFL head coaching and starting quarterback roles. There are only 32 individuals who don each of those titles every week, and they come with a great deal of pressure and expectation. The NFL is the most cutthroat professional sports league and there is a short leash on each of those individuals ahead of every season. For Carr to believe that he is deserving of any lesser expectation because of how passionately he feels about the Raiders’ organization is what I find pathetic."

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Derek Carr's crybaby routine for Raiders deserves scorn (not support)

There is no bias in the world quite like that of a Kansas City Chiefs fan with disdain for the Las Vegas Raiders. In the wake of quarterback Derek Carr's emotional post-game press conference from Sunday, however, I don't believe bias plays any role in negative talking points against the Raiders QB.