Kansas City 2022 X-Mas Price Gouging: Cliff Drive Ride Costs $25

First, perspective from a neighborhood insider and someone who truly cares about this part of town.

"What a disconnect . . . They're charging families $25 to take a drive??? After all the Cliff Drive has been through . . . The trash, violence and constant fighting. Now The Parks Board is putting up a paywall on part of Kansas City.  It speaks volumes of what kind of elitists currently occupy the Parks Board and City Hall."

Context . .  . 

Jackson County Christmas in the Park is remarkably similar free event . . . That that juxtaposition is what's sparking complaints for KCMO residents. 

Check the price list . . .

A Kansas City insider continues . . . 

"$25 is a lot for working families . . . I wouldn't ever pay for something like this . . . It just shows how much Kansas City government officials don't understand the circumstances of the people who live here and how we shouldn't have to go online or register to pay to drive through parts of our city."

Developing . . .