Kansas City 2022 Thanksgiving Dinner For People Who Don't Want To Cook

A time-honored tradition for the lazy and working-poor has returned . . . 

Turkey day prepped by somebody else. 

The pandemic took away the dine-in option but now . . . For the moment . . . It might be back.

Take a whiff . . .

"Just sifting through the various menus had our mouths watering for a delectable holiday meal to enjoy without lifting a finger—ok, you might have to lift one finger, but just to put in your reservation. If you’re planning on dining out this Thanksgiving, get your reservation in early, they tend to fill up quickly."

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Fifteen KC Restaurants Where You Can Dine-In This Thanksgiving - In Kansas City

Let's face it, sometimes planning, cooking, and cleaning up a Thanksgiving dinner can be a bit overwhelming. If you want to skip the hassle this Thanksgiving, Kansas City's finest chefs have already carefully planned the perfect, chef-driven Thanksgiving menus you can enjoy at restaurants around the metropolitan area.