Jason Kander: Midterm Attempt To 'Assassinate' Democracy Defeated

A mostly beloved Kansas City politico offers a bevy of bold pronouncements about election victory that he wasn't really a part of . . . 

Here's the most telling passage .  . .

"Yet we escaped most — not all, but most — of that reality, because the majority of Americans don’t believe the government should be able to force a woman to give birth. And because enough of us have been jolted into recognizing the impermanence and fragility of democracy.

The thing about trying to assassinate democracy is that failing has consequences. Once a people realize someone has tried to take away their right to self-determination, they awake from their doldrums and they get to work . . ."

We cut off the last part of that quote because he ruined it with a Rocky movie reference that might have revealed a bit too much enthusiasm for a vote that most KC residents skipped

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Jason Kander: Authoritarians will keep trying, but American democracy is hard to kill

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Democracy is supposed to be dead today. The authoritarian forces in the Republican Party who brought us the Dobbs Supreme Court decision were well on their way to a red wave large enough to complete their long-pursued American Ragnarök. Poised to sweep state legislatures, secretary of state offices and even the U.S.