Jackson County Prosecutor's Office: Former KCPD Officers Guilty Of Transgender Assault

A decision trumpeted by 12th & Oak along with local media.

Apparently, it wasn't relevant that the lady in question was REPORTEDLY yelling racial epithets at two Asian store owners before her arrest.

Sadly, it doesn't REALLY matter that much because she's gone.

Here's the aftermath . . .

"Two former Kansas City, Missouri, police officers drew three years' probation after pleading guilty to third-degree felony assault in the beating of a Black transgender woman."

Here is the statement from the Prosector's office: 

Two former KCPD officers pleaded guilty to assault of Breona Hill in May 2019

Two former Kansas City Police Department officers pleaded guilty today to a felony assault involving the use of excessive force in arresting a citizen on a Kansas City sidewalk in May 2019, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced.

A Jackson County judge, after the officers entered their guilty pleas, sentenced each to three years probation and suspended imposition of their sentence. The officers agreed to relinquish their post certification, required to be a police officer, and to not carry a firearm during probation.

Matthew G. Brummett, dob: 2/14/1983, and Charles Prichard, dob: 11/13/1972, pleaded guilty to the Class E felony of Assault in the 3rd Degree, for knowingly causing physical injury to the victim, known as Breona Hill, by slamming her head against the concrete sidewalk, kneeing her in the face, torso and ribs and forcing her arms over her head while cuffed. The victim in this case was shot to death in a separate incident in October 2019 in a residence on Hardesty in Kansas City.

The officers were charged in May 2020 initially with a misdemeanor count of assault. In July 2020, a Jackson County grand jury heard new evidence. the foreman of the grand jury signed an affidavit detailing the type of new evidence the grand jurors considered in their investigation of the arrest of Bryan Hill, known as Breona Hill. According to that affidavit, witnesses came forward after the initial May indictment of the officers. One witness, who was lead defensive tactics instructor in the summer of 2019 at the Regional Police Academy looked at media reports, including a video, about the arrest. This witness said there were several issues with force used during the arrest. The instructor’s commanders supported the instructor’s conclusions and raised other issues about the arrest they believed were not justified. A second witness who was a former defensive tactics instructor, the affidavit stated, also reviewed the media reports and contacted a member of KCPD command staff to say there were issues with the force used during the arrest. Evidence was also presented to the grand jury about the extent of the victim’s injuries as a result of the force used during  the arrest, according to the affidavit.

Baker acknowledged today the citizen who saw the two officers using force to restrain Hill and made a cell phone video of the incident, as well as Kris Wade, executive director of the The Justice Project Kansas City, who supported HIll and others in the Kansas City LGBTQ community regarding this incident.

On Monday, Kansas City attorney David Smith read a statement from the victim's family spokeswoman, Rena Childs. She called for reforms and culture change in the police. "But today is beginning to smell like justice," Childs stated.  "These two officers will never be able to be police officers again."


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Former Kansas City police officers get probation after assaulting Black transgender woman

Two former Kansas City, Missouri, police officers will lose their peace officers' licenses and serve three years unsupervised probation after pleading guilty to felony third-degree assault for their roles in the assault of a woman during an arrest.

'Nobody is above the rule of law': KCPD officers convicted of assaulting trans woman

Two former Kansas City Police Department officers pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting a transgender woman. Charles W. Prichard and Matthew G. Brummett each faced a felony third-degree assault charge for slamming Breona Hill's head into the ground during a May 2019 arrest.

2 former KCPD officers plead guilty to felony assault following 2019 arrest of Breona Hill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Two former Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department officers have pleaded guilty to felony assault, admitting to using excessive force while arresting a Black transgender woman in 2019. Matthew G. Brummett, 39, and Charles Prichard, 50, pleaded guilty Monday to a Class E felony of third-degree assault.

2 former KCPD officers plead guilty to assaulting Brianna Hill in 2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two former Kansas City, Missouri, police officers who were charged with assaulting Brianna Hill, a transgender woman , during an arrest caught on video in 2019 pleaded guilty Monday in Jackson County Circuit Court.

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