JoCo Commish Contest: O'Hara Claims Kelly Is 'Sanctuary City Liberal' Like Mayor Q

The contest for JOHNSON COUNTY Chair is heating up and we wanted to highlight this e-mail blast because it's an EPIC screed that seems focused on rallying the Golden Ghetto right-wing with some rather partisan and impassioned political protestations . . . Take a peek . . .

Charlotte O'Hara: MY OPPONENT, WHO IS He?

My campaign for Johnson County Chair has officially knocked on 50,000 doors!!! Yes, my campaign has been a grass roots endeavor and the many stories that have been shared with me and my volunteers I have spoken and or written about in debates, radio ads, email blasts and interviews with radio hosts Pete Mundo and Chris Stilgall.

KCPT was the last County Chair debate, with Nick Hanes as moderator.  The topics discussed and questions asked displays that I am the CLEAR, COMMON-SENSE CHOICE to lead Johnson County forward.

One of the first things Nick Hanes stated was that the Johnson County Chair position is a full-time job. My opponent? He is a full-time real estate lawyer, recently made partner, in a large law firm and could only possibly be a part-time county chair. Is that what we want a part-time Johnson County Chair?

As I have written about before, I will be a FULL-TIME County Chair, which is what the position is: a FULL-TIME position. Part timers need not apply.

My opponent was also questioned about how his executive experience of being a mayor of a city less than 2 square miles (1.63 to be exact) with less than 7000 residents, qualifies him to run Johnson County: 480 square miles, well over 600,000 residents and over 4,000 employees.  And it is a good question, does that qualify him?

In comparison, I am currently Johnson County BOCC 3rd District Commissioner, ready to serve you as Chair, day one. I have served in the Kansas Legislature as a State Representative, prior to that I was the 3rd District Chair for the Republican Party. I have also served on numerous boards including the Chair for both the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund and the Olathe Board of Code Review. I have an extensive business background being the only woman general contractor that I know of in Johnson County, when I started in the 1980’s, and continued into the 90’s and into the 2000’s. Currently I own two industrial buildings and a small manufacturing company (in Olathe) with my son, who manages the operation.

My opponent also continues to repeat inaccurate stats on reductions of Roeland Park’s mill levy during his tenure as mayor, which gives the false impression of property tax decreases. The opposite is fact: since 2018, the year he was sworn in as Mayor of Roeland Park, property taxes have increased up to 38.6%, proven by residents’ property tax bills that were given to me in outrage to counter his false narrative.

Another question asked was what is the single biggest issue facing Johnson County?  My response: the high burden of property taxes, my opponent: toxic rhetoric. Really?? Toxic rhetoric? How out of touch can a candidate be? The issues I have heard from the good folks that I have visited with going door to door has been the property tax burden and the increase in crime.

PROPERTY TAXES (along with public safety), not “toxic rhetoric” are the biggest concerns facing the residents of Johnson County.

Also, during the KCPT debate, my opponent stated with pride of being the mayor of a city with the most restrictive COVID mandates. My stance, no shutdowns no mandates. He stated his support of the concept of sending Johnson County tax dollars to Missouri through a new bi-state tax to fund K.C., Mo’s dream of a downtown stadium. He supports extending the trolley line into Johnson County.  My stance, no bi-state tax and no to extending the trolley line into Johnson County.

We cannot add to the already too high tax burden on YOU.

My opponent’s list of curtailing civil liberties and his attitude of spend, spend, spend goes on and on.

My vision for Johnson County? PUT JOHNSON COUNTY’S FINANCIAL HOUSE in order and put the lid on YOUR property taxes.  More than doubling our budget from $815 million in 2013 to $1.64 billion for 2023 is not a sustainable roadmap for OUR future. Fiscal responsibility must be the first order of business.

My vision is to work for YOU, not for the big boys cutting their tax bills (while your property taxes go through the roof) by handing out tax incentives and other corporate welfare schemes such as the nearly $1.4 billion given to Panasonic. I will work for YOU, not the Missouri power brokers who want Johnson County tax dollars sent to Missouri to build a downtown sports stadium.

I will work for you, keeping public safety, job one for Johnson County by supporting the Sheriff and I will always back the blue. I will fight any attempt to make Johnson County a sanctuary county, any attempt to make the Office of Sheriff an appointed position and I will continue to fight to make sure our first responders are adequately paid.

This is in direct contrast to my opponent who is the mayor of a sanctuary city, as he was outed as in the KCPT debate.

I will work for you and shine light on the process, not the current “hide from the public” attitude of the status quo, which my opponent stated he supports in the KCPT debate.

November 8th the choice is clear: a common-sense businesswoman or a tax and spend, sanctuary city liberal Democrat.

You decide . . .