Jackson County 2nd District: GOP Vs. Freedom, Inc. On Ward Parkway

Right now we want to focus on the only interesting down ballot contest for the courthouse other than the vote for Executive. 

To wit . . .  

Jackson County's 2nd District pits a tax fighter against a very nice lady from Freedom, Inc.

A quick consideration . .  .

Donna Peyton is kinda like your grandma or a kindly woman that you're grandma would've loved. She is a very adorable lady who you would imagine has milk & cookies ready for anyone who visits her home. 

She is a BRILLIANT pick for the Freedom, Inc. ballot inasmuch as she doesn't seem ideologically motivated like some of her colleagues. 

Meanwhile . . .

Republican John Murphy is and avowed tax fighter and outspoken critic of Democratic Party urban policy. He knows his stuff and he's decidedly capable of debating ANYONE on the merits of tax & spend politics. He has been a critic of the streetcar, the new airport and just about every tax increase pushed upon Kansas City voters. Mr. Murphy is HIGHLY INTELLIGENT and EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE about the mechanics of local government and their impact on this municipality.

We've been surprised by the level of support Mr. Murphy has received and signs of endorsement are plastered all over Ward Parkway. 

Ms. Peyton has the lead and clear advantage in this contest and, again, this is really the only competitive Jackson County down ballot vote that's worth watching. 

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Donna Peyton is running for Jackson County Legislature to be a voice at the table for people that aren't always represented. Peyton has been a single mother and was raised by a single mother and she thinks that's a needed perspective for the legislature.