In Defense Of Kansas City Bike Lanes

Posted in fairness and merely to provide a peek at the arguments of those in favor of this street planning scheme that has enraged local biz . . .

Maybe more importantly . . . NE News doesn't mention it but the screed was penned by an urban farmer and prolific supporter of social justice causes . . . Noted only to provide a bit more context and maybe a hint at the worldviews that often don't match up when talking about routing traffic . . . Here's the money line regarding recent bike lane objections:

"With Truman Road specifically, I don’t see any reason why bike lanes aren’t a win for everyone. First of all, there will still be street parking.

"Additionally, Truman Road is one of the most dangerous roads in the city and has among the most traffic deaths. There are too many lanes and not enough traffic, which is a recipe for disaster. By taking away a lane of traffic and adding a bicycle lane in each direction, we will see not only calmer traffic but a major east-west bicycle lane corridor which has been severely lacking in the city. "

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LTE: Bike lanes are good for Kansas City

I enjoyed reading the LTE in the November 16 edition of the Northeast News regarding bike lanes on Truman Road. I don't blame business owners for reacting to a change on the street outside their stores, and I understand concerns about parking.