Hogan Prep Update: Virtual Learning Whilst Student Fights Threaten To Shut School Down Permanently

More deets on a dangerous situation, reaction from Missouri state officials and a plan to calm tensions. 

Here's the report . . .

"Up until last Friday, Martin said the district had not relayed anything to parents that indicated there were severe safety concerns at the school. 

"Now, Hogan Prep is on the brink of permanent closure if they don't address these issues raised by the state by this Thursday.

"This is a school that just opened a new building worth millions of dollars this year. Students will remain in virtual learning for the remainder of this week."

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Parents, students weigh in on issues causing temporary closure at Hogan Preparatory Academy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Parents are concerned after the Missouri Charter Public School Commission instructed Hogan Preparatory Academy to close its high school campus temporarily. In a , the commission cited multiple recent incidents impacting the safety of students and staff at each of Hogan Prep's campuses.

Parents voice frustration after KC charter school Hogan Prep temporarily closes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Parents are voicing their frustrations after the state of Missouri shut down Hogan Preparatory Academy. Since the beginning of the school year, LaKisha Martin said violence has been an issue. Now that the school is closed temporarily, she wants the district to be more transparent because up until this point, she said it's been the opposite.

Officials layout plans to increase safety at Hogan Preparatory Academy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Officials with Hogan Preparatory Academy doubled down on promises to increase safety inside of school buildings during a meeting with parents on Monday evening. Dr. Jayson Strickland, superintendent at Hogan Preparatory Academy, told parents in via a Zoom call that a safety plan will be submitted by Thursday.

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