Here's Why Rainy Day Books Won't Work

Most people don't read anything longer than a tweet. 

To be fair, the pandemic spiked the number of books purchased . . . Even if people didn't read them.

Of course we wish the best to news owners . . . But the book biz is rough and live events for nerds are tough to pull off consistently.

Here's another peek at their biz plan . . .

"Rainy Day Books has now been purchased by an ownership and investor group of 16 individuals. Within that group include the three owners of Made in KC — Tyler Enders, Keith Bradley and Thomas McIntyre — who will operate Rainy Day Books and strategize how to expand the business while keeping its charm, Enders shared. Made in KC already operates a rapidly expanding network of retail marketplace, neighborhood shops and cafĂ© concepts across the city selling locally made goods."

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New Edition of a Classic Story: Made in KC Founders Lead Group Buying Rainy Day Books

When the owners of Rainy Day Books announced they were selling their popular bookstore in May, they looked for two qualities in its new owners: a commitment to uphold the customer experience and determination to grow the business. "It has been a six-month process to find people who could understand and embrace my mother's life experience and legacy.