Fox4 Insider Reacts To Kansas City Star Report On Mark Alford

Former television newsman Mark Alford will likely win his congressional contest and today's exposé from The Kansas City Star seems like sour grapes. 

There are a few nice quotes for balance but the majority of the reporting is dedicated to making Mr. Alford out to be a bad guy and a bit temperamental . . . Imagine that . . . Somebody who made it to the top of their field being hard to work with??? Shocking. 

As for the story about coffee orders and cracking down on a female worker . . . Apparently that's an open secret even if it seems kind of stereotypical . . . We honestly hope Mr. Alford isn't silly enough make a big deal out of some low level lady staffer getting his coffee . . . Or at least wasn't foolish enough to drink it afterwards.

Here's the basics of the dead-tree report that actually doesn't offer much insight into some of the more nasty stuff that REALLY happens in KC newsrooms . . .

"Five former colleagues said Alford’s political views affected how he did his job, with one source saying in some instances the anchor would substitute his own words for the scripts he was supposed to read, a practice called “bad-libbing.” One former colleague said Alford had stood up for journalistic objectivity, however.

"Nearly every alleged incident of bullying conduct described by the former colleagues involved either demeaning remarks directed at lower-ranking employees or an outburst following a mistake of some kind. One former colleague said Alford was the most difficult person she had ever worked with in television."

Eve better than a hit piece probably ordered by political adversaries. . . 


Here's the insider perspective that offers more deets . . .

What we like about this quote . . . It reminds us that there are a lot of conservatives reporting the news but not everyone wears their politics on their sleeve . . .

"It's just frustrating that he acts like he was the only Christian and the only conservative that worked at FOX4. That's untrue. We have a diverse group of people who work here with many different viewpoints. Of course, you can share those in private or when discussing coverage, but nobody else lets it bleed over into their reporting on air or online."

Bottom line: It's just not our job to be commentators. I think that's what he wanted to be so he's probably in a better field now where he can express those opinions.

And just for balance, we trust this KICK-ASS insider because they share a more nuanced view of the former morning anchor who is going to D.C. 

"He also has good qualities. He's a hell of a promoter, but he just wanted to be less constrained and it wasn't a good environment for him when his job was to stick to factual reporting without throwing in his personal opinion. "

Read more via link . . .

'It was always a fight': Mark Alford was controversial inside Kansas City TV station

Former Fox 4 anchor Mark Alford spent 23 years building a prominent public on-air persona in Kansas City before quitting a year ago to run for Congress. But off the air, sources tell The Star, he was a controversial figure inside the station.

You decide . . .