Former Kansas City 'First Lady' Gloria Squitiro's Latest Book Stalls

One of this blog's most KICK-ASS DENIZENS keeps us up to date on the antics of a formerly local celebrity still doing her best to ruin her husband's career by way of vanity publishing. 

Remember that we spent far too much time documenting her adventures as an author earlier this year. All of our skepticism still applies.

Even better, here's a perspective from inside Gloria's social media circle . . .

"Gloria’s new book is on hold. She claims a sick publicist is the reason . . ."

Gloria Squitiro says, “So, just letting you know what this means for the 2nd book in C’mon Funk Series. The “proof copies” that were supposed to be sent to the media and other influencers last August weren't sent. Instead of zooming towards a November publication date, I am currently searching for a new publicist.”

I don't think her book May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision sold to well . . .

On Amazon her first book is ranked 1,180,447 in Kindle Store with only 111 reviews made on her book with 53% giving it a 5 star rating.

Here are a few of the comments:

"Insights into the mind of a self-absorbed, neurotic, paranoid wife."

"The most narcissistic, self absorbed tripe I’ve ever forced myself through . . ."

"I felt that the author tried too hard to entertain and ended up exaggerating the quirks she and her family possess. I just wasn’t convinced that everything she wrote about was true – that she was telling it honestly."

"She seems to have little respect for her husband, Funk."

"Wow - this book made me tired!"


Developing . . .