Fact Check: Downtown Kansas City Royals Stadium 'Economic Impact' Debunked . . . Again

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Here's even more evidence of economic reality despite developer promises . . .

“The economic impact claims made by Kansas City’s owner are not credible, and no one should take them seriously,” said sports economist J.C. Bradbury of Kennesaw State University in Georgia. “They are nothing more than propaganda intended to support requests for taxpayer assistance.”

The Royals claim a new ballpark would create $185 million in additional economic impact in its first year with $60 million in new taxes collected in its first 10 years.

“Economists have studied the economic effects of stadiums extensively finding little to no impacts on host economies,” Bradbury said. “There is universal agreement among economists that stadiums are not economic development catalysts. It’s why stadium subsidy supporters have to pay consultants to concoct these bogus numbers.”

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Economist: Kansas City Royals' economic impact claims for new $2B stadium complex 'not credible'

(The Center Square) - When the Kansas City Royals publicly addressed their desire to have a new $2 billion ballpark complex built with a stadium district surrounding it, team CEO John Sherman's note included numbers on the potential impact on the local economy.

Kansas City area will dramatically change as Royals plan for new stadium in or near downtown

The Kansas City Royals' announcement that the team plans to leave the Truman Sports Complex and build a new stadium in or close to downtown has many people speculating where it will go.Owner John Sherman said in his open letter that several locations are being considered.Mayor Quinton Lucas is predicting the ballpark will land in an area between the river and the National World War I Museum, and from the state line to Woodland Avenue.

'You can't have too much' Downtown businesses react to potential downtown ballpark

KANSAS CITY, MO - When the Kansas City Royals announced Tuesday the team will be leaving Kauffman Stadium , speculation about the Royals new ballpark immediately followed suit. While there are many areas the team is considering their new ballpark, many believe the club will move west on Interstate 70 to a new downtown ballpark.

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