EPIC Homeless Camp On Trolley Track Trail Proves Kansas City Homeless 'Strategy' FAIL

After throwing TENS OF MILLIONS at the problem . . . There's still a Kansas City homeless crisis that seems to be getting worse.

Meanwhile . . . We remind voters that politicos won't be any more responsive after election victories. 

The response terse response to recent homeless probs far too close to Brookside/Waldo . . .

The city says once outreach services are provided and eventually a deadline will be set to clean up the camp. The city of KCMO recently released a plan to end homelessness entitled Zero KC.

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Kansas City officials aware of significant homelessness camp on Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, officials say they're aware of a homelessness camp along the south end of the historic Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail. It has been flagged by city outreach teams and the public should continue to feel safe using the trail.