Defund Accountability: Kansas City Cooks Books Against Cops??!

Recent events in financial markets remind us that playing games with other people's money is an age-old pastime for fun & profit.

Here's the latest, local example . . .

"Kansas City must spend 25% of its general fund on the police department. The Board of Police Commissioners has filed a cross claim in an ongoing lawsuit that accuses Kansas City of undercounting the amount in its general fund to spend less on police . . . Attorneys representing Police Commissioners Mark Tolbert, Cathy Dean, Don Wagner and Dawn Cramer said in the cross claim motion, which is made against Mayor Quinton Lucas and the city’s Director of Finance, Tammy Queen that the city has a practice of “undercounting revenues.” This leads, they allege, to an underfunding of the police department."

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Kansas City Police Board claims the city is manipulating budget to spend less on KCPD

Grant's lawsuit alleges that state mandates setting how much Kansas City spends on police amount to “taxation without representation. It also argues the police board was created and maintained “for a discriminatory purpose” of denying African Americans their right to local control of the police department.

Police commissioners allege Kansas City, Missouri, officials 'undercount revenue'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A legal claim made this week by four of the five members of the Kansas City, Missouri, Board of Police Commissioners allege the city engages in a practice of "undercounting revenue."

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