Crackdown On Kansas City Urban Farms?!?

Repurposing vacant urban lots for food production seems like a great idea for people who completely forget about worsening RAT PROBLEMS IN KANSAS CITY.

Still we admire the ingenuity of this bit of local journalism nevertheless  . . .

"Urban farmers are trying to buy vacant lots for their farms to bring fresh, healthy food and green space to their neighborhoods, but they face challenges in acquiring that land."

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Midwest cities have plenty of vacant lots. So why can't urban farmers buy that land?

There's a high demand for the vegetables Mediatrice Niyonkuru grows in her urban garden. Cassava leaves, muchicha and white eggplant are staples in the dishes the Burundi native makes, along with other east African immigrants. "I know what they like and what they're gonna eat," she said.