Coyotes Attack Johnson County Doggies

Wildlife followup report as suburban encroachment on natural habitats puts toy dogs at risk. 

Here's a reminder that everything about the JoCo middle-class lifestyle is unsustainable and far too precious for the real world . . .

"Fences can also help to keep coyotes away, but they can jump high so it’s always good to err on the side of caution."

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Johnson County residents concerned about rise in coyote attacks on dogs

Residents in Johnson County are worried about coyotes attacking their pets.Some emergency vet clinics say they've seen a spike in small dog attacks and most are blaming coyotes. For dog owners like Maggie Uhruh, coyotes are a big concern."I have a dog that is seven and a half pounds, and we don't have a fence," Uhruh said.