Capitalism Doesn't Work: Abby Berner Ranked Queen Of Kansas City Influencers

Whilst hardworking laborers will toil most of their lives in obscurity and struggle to keep up with inflation . . . 21-year-old Kansas City fitness model Abby is busy creating a multimedia empire powered mostly by fashionable selfies. 

No  . . . We're not JELLY of this powerful young woman with MILLIONS of followers and earnings that would likely put most working lawyers in this town to shame. 

In fact . . . We celebrate this NEXTGEN success that offers additional context to an existential feud betwixt Keynesian Economics vs. Monetarism . . . Neither of which is REALLY important for online influencers with brand deals and a dream.

A recent interview intro put her fame into perspective . . .

Today on the Mane Story we were joined by Kansas City's biggest & fastest growing influencer 'Abby Berner'

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