Bumpy Road Ahead For Kansas City Illegal 'Side Show' Street Racing

Perfectly designed bump bring to mind the best work of Brit Hottie Lucy . . . AND a local story about cleverly crafted nubbins that hope to save local streets . . .

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"In neighborhoods like Power & Light and the Crossroads, where stunt driving and car sideshows have become a nuisance, city crews are installing small black discs that are meant to disrupt the movement of sliding or skidding tires."


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Kansas City is changing roads to make life harder for reckless drivers and street racers

David Johnson lives at the corner of 19th Street and Baltimore. It's an intersection where residents see a lot of illegal street parties and stunt driving. "It's kind of impossible to not notice a car squealing in your intersection near your home," Johnson says. "So, if it's happening, I'm hearing it.

Kansas City installs disks in pavement at certain intersections to deter dangerous sideshows

There's a new crackdown in Kansas City on what police officers call sideshows.Sideshows are characterized by a group of cars and people blocking off an intersection while a driver does donuts in that intersection.Last weekend, Kansas City police officers broke up a large sideshow.

KCPD rolls out new tool to stop sideshows, some voice concerns

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri police have a new tool they're hoping will crack down on sideshows, but not everyone in the metro thinks they're a good idea. Public Works installed round black devices called pucks at E. 13th Street and Grand Boulevard in downtown Kansas City.

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