Bier Station Called TKC 'Troll' But Progressives Killed Biz With Encouragement

A recent shout out to a local biz earned TKC a slap in the face. 

Not a big deal . . . We've actually suffered far more clever insults then a bit of name-calling.

However . . .

Here's why we're doubling back on this story tonight . . . 

What's troubling is the contradiction that defies reality . . . Many Kansas City keyboard warriors celebrate this biz as it shuts down and cheers their progressive politicking whilst their antics obviously contributed to their demise. 

To paraphrase an old Hollywood axiom . . .

In Kansas City you can die of encouragement.

Let's be clear . . .

We're not dancing on the grave of this biz. 

We acknowledge that they were beloved and watching somebody's dream die is painful. 

Generally . . . This blog has always been VERY PRO BEER!!!

However . . .


 More than anything we want to help local small biz and provide a resource to our community.

And so we share our perspective . . . 

Aligning too closely with one partisan viewpoint can be a death sentence for any biz. 

We've seen it play out too many times . . . And remind readers that the odds are stacked against ANY small biz regardless of their politics.

Moreover, the denial of reality and progressive misinformation offers this biz high praise whilst they're shutting down, changing hands and pretty much giving up the ghost . . . Thereby proving our axiom regarding polite KC politics . . . Partisan hacks will cheer the demise of their constituents as long as they go down singing the party line. 

Here's a far more optimistic take as we wish the best to these folks even though the feeling obviously isn't mutual . . .

For the past decade, Bier Station has been KC’s embassy for craft beer culture—a staple on national lists of notable beer bars and the place where brands were launched into the local market and visiting beer geeks stopped for a session.

Via phone, owner and operator John Couture tells Kansas City that it was time for a change.

“This is a good thing,” he says. “I know it’s sad for a lot of people, including me, but if anyone knows Bier Station they know how important political activism and community engagement have gotten for the business and that’s something I want to spend more time doing.”

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Bier Station will close-here's what the owner has planned next

For the past decade, Bier Station has been KC's embassy for craft beer culture-a staple on national lists of notable beer bars and the place where brands were launched into the local market and visiting beer geeks stopped for a session.

Bier Station will close Dec. 31 after selling to City Barrel Brewery

Courtesy of Bier Station Waldo's beloved Bier Station has been sold to City Barrel Brewery in a deal announced Monday afternoon. The taproom has been a gathering place for nearly a decade, regularly hosting trivia nights and fundraising events for the community.

Developing . . .