Angry Letter Claims Kansas City Mayor Q Akin To Boss Tom

A local veteran who was blocked by Mayor Q continues his crusade to hold KC's top politico accountable for a myriad of alleged misdeeds.

In his latest communication . . . He shares a historical point of reference . . .

"Mayor Lucas has attempted to defund the KCPD, to incite rioters against the KCPD on the Plaza leading chants of “no justice, no peace” and then leading the charge to eventually pardon all of those rioters. The mayor came into office winning the support of both Democrats and Republicans through deception about his positions about working together, promising to bring down crime and murder, yet both have hit record numbers on his watch. Homelessness and addiction is out of control as well, and Quinton Lucas’s response to criticism is block and then assail the character of anyone who disagrees with him as a “hater,” “racist,” “liar” and now “toxic” when challenged on the topic."

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KCPD has local non-political control

Why would a citizen in Kansas City not want his elected officials to set the budget, much less have local control of the KCPD? The fact of the matter is that we do have local control, as the Board of Police Commissioners is comprised of Kansas City residents and the mayor.