Amanda Adkins & Rep. Sharice Davids Run On Everything But Their Record

House Of Cards was a decent Netflix show for a few seasons until Kevin Spacey was forced to confront rape-y allegations. The drama had one great line that justified its existence: 

"Everything is about sex. Except for sex."

It's a paraphrase of an Oscar Wilde quote and it's such an insanely great insight that I can forgive them for tricking me into watching Spacey and Robin Wright double teaming an unsuspecting lawman. 

Anyhoo . . . 

That tawdry barely political perspective also seems to inform a bitter Kansas contest wherein so much backstory and guilt by association seems to distract from the basics of two formidable ladies and their qualifications to represent the people of their district. 

Here's more coverage that proves everything TKC just noted . . .

"In the race to represent Kansas' 3rd Congressional District, U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids promises to protect abortion rights. Republican Amanda Adkins says she’ll fight inflation. Joe Biden and Sam Brownback come up all the time."

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In their Kansas congressional race, Davids and Adkins focus on abortion and inflation

Amanda Adkins says inflation is dragging the U.S. economy downhill fast, and she wants to tell every voter in the 3rd Congressional District that their Kansas congresswoman, Sharice Davids, is part of the reason gas and groceries cost so much. "People are suffering now," said Adkins at a debate aired on Kansas City PBS.