Alleged Hogan Prep Chaos Sparks Temporary School Shut Down

Actually, this story isn't so bad and the precaution should inspire confidence.

Still . . . It's something to consider as schools confront a new reality after the pandemic . . . Check-it:

"The letter says the school environment has resulted in high rates of student suspension. The commission also points to many teachers wanting to leave or not renew their contracts.

"The letter says commission staff were present for several incidents and interviewed school staff who witnessed others."

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"Doctor Jayson Strickland who said safety is the school's top priority. Dr. Strickland said two issues at the school include strangers being in the school during school hours and student fights."

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Kansas City charter school directed to close temporarily amid safety concerns

A Kansas City charter school is being warned to address safety concerns or potentially be shut down.The Missouri Charter Public School Commission sent a Letter of Concern to the leadership of Hogan Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, Missouri, directing them not to allow high school students on campus between now and Nov.

Safety concerns lead Hogan Prep to temporarily close doors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The state of Missouri has temporarily closed the doors at one Kansas City high school, citing significant safety concerns. Those safety issues are forcing teachers at the school to consider whether they'll stay according to a letter from Missouri Charter Public School Commission.

Hogan Preparatory Academy directed to close high school for now

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Charter Public School Commission has told Hogan Preparatory Academy to close its high school campus temporarily. In a letter, the Commission cited multiple recent incidents affecting the safety of students and staff at each of Hogan Prep's campuses.

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