Afghan Refugee Tragedy In Missouri Exposed

Credit where it's due . . . This is a soul crushing story that myth-busts Midwestern hospitality.

Moreover . . . 

The report doesn't speak well of desperate circumstances in rural Missouri for just about everybody. 

Check-it . . .

"When Kabul fell, Biden promised to rescue Afghan allies. For 14-year-old Rezwan Kohistani and his family, that meant being sent to a remote Missouri town where no other Afghans lived. “We’d been left alone,” said Rezwan’s father. "

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What Happened to Rezwan

This story discusses suicide. On the last day of Rezwan Kohistani's life, he ate lunch alone. Three other boys were at his table in the high school cafeteria, two of their trays touching Rezwan's, surveillance video shows. They laughed among themselves, seemingly oblivious to their classmate, even after one of the boys accidentally knocked over Rezwan's milk carton.