Women's Soccer Targets Mostly Affluent White Women: Saving Grace Or UR RACIST?!?

Here's what extremely enjoyable about women's soccer . . .

The implication.

Suffering through one of these matches is very much a badge of honor and a signal that fans are down with "the cause" which might be anything from fighting climate change by way of ceaseless nagging to nodding approvingly at bike lanes whilst passing by in an SUV.

However . . . 

Because this blog is fueled by an abundant supply of skepticism & snark. . . We're happy to preview one of the upcoming controversies . . . 

Women's soccer is lily white. 

That doesn't really bother TKC because we realize that diversity is important but most effective when it's something that occurs naturally in the pursuit of excellence . . . Like how even the most racist dude you know probably admires a myriad of Black musicians, comedians and actors.  

However . . .

Because there's big money at stake . . . 

We think that this white lady pastime will soon be confronted by the fact that it serves mostly as an aspirational platform for white ladies.

That's not to say it's an all-white sport . . . Sure, there's a good mix of players from a myriad of ethnic backgrounds . . . But by and large it's a pastime wherein white ladies are competitive and attain high levels of managerial success . . . Unlike the WNBA -- Which has proven to be an embarrassing failure . . . Coincidence?!?! Or maybe just a bit of mercy on the public . . . Given that adoption of progressive ideals are not always rigidly enforced on every social strata.

Go ahead and bookmark this post and only time will tell if we're right or wrong.

For those of us who don't own a stadium, this is a low stakes discussion . . . For the moment, people are free to watch whatever stupid activity they please . . . For instance, TKC has spent far too much time witnessing overweight Latino dudes play softball whilst drinking an ungodly amount of beer. 

But I digress . . .

This blog merely serves to remind readers that (for better and mostly worse) cultural indicators, ideas and, dare we say, IDENTITY are just as important to the success of any pro sporting event as the minor deets of whatever happens on the field. 

And THAT is why even a crushing loss proves to be a success for a team that enjoys progressive love and tax breaks . . .

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Developing . . .