Urban Planner Activists Troll Kansas City Hate For Truman Bike Lanes

Kansas City transit fact . . .

Since bike lanes on Truman Road have been announced, the public reaction has been overwhelmingly negative.

In order to confuse public sentiment . . . Local activists have started trolling social media in order to challenge public opinion.

Here's part of the argument in a recent rigged conversation . . .

Recently I saw a post on Facebook announcing a new bike lane on Truman that had already begun installation. The comments were full of motorists complaining it was a "waste of tax payer money because there are no cyclists and it will go largely unused."

But that is so contrary to my experience. So I just stated my support on a comment that said it would go unused by saying "I will use it often." Their response?

"Good, stay out of the road I'm tired of slowing for you damn cyclists."

My friend, you just said you are against adding bike lanes, but in the same breath you are upset you have to slow for cyclists. Which is it? If there is a bike lane, you won't be slowing for cyclists!

Why is the general attitude in Kansas City so bad towards riders?

And so, here's a quick guide to how the conversation works . . .

1. Bike Supremacy activists propose more lanes and the public largely opposes the plan. 

2. A cyclist or some pedestrian dies in another part of the city and activists cynically use the death to gain political advantage. 

3. Clever politicos trade votes on this topic in order to garner favor for their own pet project. 

The bike lanes go up and neighbors often complain about the dangerous imposition on traffic that is mostly unused.

Here's something even more important . . .


More than five years ago we did this investigation but, per ushe, we were ahead of our time and the public had yet to grow tired of bike supremacy.

Here's how it works . . .

So-called "activists" demand bike lanes and create online chatter and offer a few passionate TV interviews. 

Let's call them "friendly" voices on council hear their cries and don't disclose their connections to activist groups.

AND THEN . . . Who do you think KCMO hires as consultants in order to build bike lanes???

Well . . . 

Some of the most prominent BIKE SUPREMACY activist associations ALSO provide services to help construct bike lanes throughout the Kansas City metro.

How convenient!!!  

All of this is perfectly legal and most of the suckers who think they're protecting cyclists never realize that they've part of activist profit model by fake nice guys who have found a clever way to turn a profit with their sketchy amateur urban planner politics.

You decide . . .