Trudy Bush Valentine Ramps Up Pro-Choice Campaign Against AG Eric Schmitt

The single-issue lady voter bloc is her only shot at making this blowout contest a bit closer.

Even then . . . The odds are against her.

Nevertheless . . .

It's never a bad thing when politicos tell you EXACTLY what they believe . . .

"If politicians like Eric Schmitt can take away our basic freedom to control our own bodies, what right comes next? Do we want to live in a world where politicians can reach into our private lives and dictate our most private decisions?"

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Missouri's extreme abortion ban is un-American

As a nurse, I have helped care for people during the most difficult moments of their lives, including women who had just lost pregnancies. But no matter whose bedside I was at, I knew that every patient deserved the same fundamental thing: the freedom to make their own private health care decisions, including decisions about abortion and birth control.